This means that athletes, especially young athletes, will be pushing their bodies harder than ever in the training.  Whether some injuries are sudden or if they accumulate over time, Sports Medicine treatments with Northwest Extremity Specialist can help with the injuries as they occur and can help athletes with preventative measures during their training. 

Common sports injuries, especially for the ankles and feet, include ankle sprains, shin splints, stress fractures, Achilles tendinitis, heel pain, and the list goes on.  Physical Therapy before an injury occurs and after an injury for recovery can help with whatever symptoms the affected muscles, joints, and bones may be dealing with.  Meeting with your Podiatrist during this sports season as well if an injury occurs, can help select what treatment of exercises and stretches can help reduce pain and keep your body using its full range of motion. 

Custom Orthotics are also a great solution for athletes as many sports but a lot of strain and pressure on the feet.  Some athletes may have biomechanical issues such as overpronating or flat feet and do not realize that these biomechanical factors are what causes them so much pain.  In a visit with your podiatrist at Northwest Extremity, your foot would be measured for a custom orthotic and they would be personalized to your feet and issues with pain.  These orthotics can last for years and provide comfort and relief for athletes who plan on staying in their sports in the years to come.  

Stretching well before exercising can reduce injury

Schedule an appointment with Northwest Extremity Specialists today to determine how we can help your athlete on their sports journey.  Whether it is preventative measures or therapy and rehabilitation for previous injuries, we can guarantee that your athlete can get back on the field and stay out there for the rest of their journey as an athlete. 

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