Most people don't think twice about going to physical therapy when they are healthy. But, did you know that physical therapy provides benefits outside of recovery treatment? Your physician can explore weaknesses and imbalances that may have impacted your past performance. They also provide strategies to prevent future injuries from occurring.

The Physicians at Northwest Extremity Specialists pride themselves on staying ahead of the game, with the most up-to-date technologies and research to provide your athlete with the care they deserve. We aim to keep you active as much as possible while you are recovering and to help you maintain your strength on the field.

Here are the many benefits that follow with continual physical therapy treatment: 

Physcial Therapy Prevents Injury

The technique is crucial when it comes to sports. An incorrect move can put you at risk for muscle strains, strained ligaments, and even broken bones. When actively involved in physical therapy, your physical function grows stronger. You gain better stability which helps reduce the chances of developing strains, stress, muscle cramps, or torn ligaments. We provide patients with specialized stretch and exercise treatments to keep them healthy on the field. 

Immediate Pain Relief For Athletes

Athletes involved in more aggressive sports such as rugby or football require rapid pain-relieving methods. Things like taping your muscles and hot and cold packs relieve pain for a short period which causes athletes to suffer. Physical therapy allows their body to relieve tension by targeting the source of pain before moving forward with other tests. 

Improved Strength In Sports

When participating in sports like wrestling, athletes must develop physical strength to withstand blows. Physical therapy helps strengthen ligaments, joints, and muscles. It also improves performance to help achieve your full potential. 

Improve Form & Efficiencywoman in physical therapy holding weights

Whether you are lifting weights, pitching a baseball, or running a 5k, form matters. Physical therapy allows you to work and perfect your form and fulfill it to its maximum potential. 

Muscle and Joint Flexibility

Almost all sports require a level of flexibility, based on the demand of each sport. Sports like gymnastics and swimming demand your whole body. Each movement is crucial and one wrong move can leave you with an injured foot or ankle. As a result of physical therapy, your joints and muscles may be more flexible, so you can better withstand injuries.

Physcial Therapy at Northwest Extremity Specialists

In conclusion, physical therapy provides many benefits whether you’re injured or not. Restore the function of your feet and ankles with physical therapy treatment at Northwest Extremity Specialists. We will work hard to ensure you reach your full athletic potential. Get back in the game and stay in the game with physcial therapy in Portland, OR.


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