Foot PainThere are actually several reasons you might be experiencing pain in the front of your foot, and this is important to determine so you can receive the treatment you need.

  • If there is a bump at the base of your big toe—and the toe is angling inward—the cause of your forefoot pain is a bunion.
  • If you have a toe or toes that are curled in an abnormal fashion, the cause of your forefoot pain is a toe deformity like hammertoe, mallet toe, or claw toe.
  • If you are experiencing electrical or burning sensations, the cause of your forefoot pain could be a neuroma. This is a bundle of irritated nerve endings and most commonly develops between the second and third toes (Morton’s neuroma).
  • If you are experiencing sharp pain following a traumatic injury—like dropping something heavy on your foot—the pain could be caused by a broken bone. In this instance, professional diagnosis is necessary to determine the extent of the fracture, and then be used to create a treatment plan centered on immobilizing the broken bone so it can heal correctly.

There are other potential causes of forefoot pain, so the best practice is to come see us here at Northwest Extremity Specialists. Our physicians are experienced in helping patients overcome a wide range of lower limb problems – including some that develop in the front of the foot.

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