You might be at the top of your game or just starting out in a new sport. Wherever you are in your athletic endeavor, an injury can be devastating. Whether you have been battling chronic pain that is limiting your performance or you suffered a sudden, traumatic injury, our Portland-area sports medicine orthopedic specialists offer a range of treatments—from conservative to cutting-edge—to help you get back in the game. From shoulders and elbows to knees and ankles, our team is ready to get you off the bench.

Sports Medicine Treatments Offered in Our Portland Clinics

Athletes use their whole bodies in pursuit of their goals, whether it be to score for their team, run a marathon, or make it to the district tennis finals. Injuring any part of their body could end their season. That is why we assess and treat every major joint and offer a complete range of treatment options. Our orthopedic specialists are skilled and experienced in the following:

  • Ligament reconstruction. When an ankle, knee, or wrist ligament is torn, not only will you be in pain, but you will also lose mobility and stability in that joint. An injured ligament can seriously impact an athlete's performance. In many cases, our surgeons can perform reconstruction surgery.
  • Hip replacements. Years of living an active lifestyle can cause osteoarthritis in the hip joint. In people over the age of 50, a hip replacement can give them a new lease on life—and many more years of running, tennis, or swimming.
  • Elbow surgery. Athletes who play tennis, golf, baseball, or softball run the risk of damaging tendons in their elbow, causing pain in the forearm and making it hard to use their wrist and grasp objects with their hand. Tendon repair surgery—or, in extreme cases, elbow replacement surgery—could be the solution.
  • Hand and wrist surgery. If you rely on your hands and wrists in your sport, a fracture or repetitive-use injury could put you on the sidelines. When conservative measures such as rest, physical therapy, and splinting fail to relieve the condition, you might be a good candidate for arthroscopic surgery.
  • Shoulder surgery. Shoulder injuries are not reserved for NFL quarterbacks. Even recreational swimmers, pitchers, and tennis players can tear their rotator cuffs and require surgery to repair them. Athletes can suffer other types of shoulder injuries as well, including dislocation, impingement, and fracture.
  • Arthroscopy. Athletes and active people hate to be out of the game for long. Many joint surgeries can be done arthroscopically, meaning only small incisions are made, and recovery time can be shorter than with other kinds of procedures.
  • Knee replacement surgery. Generally reserved for patients 50 and older, knee replacements can be a great option for people whose knee pain limits their everyday activities, requires the use of a cane or walker, and does not go away with rest and pain relievers. You might not run a marathon with your new knee, but you will be able to exercise without pain.
  • Pain management. Many sports injuries cause chronic pain that won't go away until you quit the sport. However, there are ways to manage the pain so that you can still perform at the highest level without causing further damage. Our pain specialists can help.
  • ACL reconstructions. It is possible to live with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, but young athletes and fit older adults should consider ACL reconstruction surgery to restore their range of motion and lower the risk of arthritis and knee instability in the future.
  • Meniscus repair. Sports that require rapid back-and-forth motions, such as soccer and tennis, put a lot of stress on the knees and can cause a tear in the tissue that cushions the joint, known as the meniscus. A damaged meniscus can often be repaired arthroscopically.
  • Arthritis care. You might not think of your orthopedist as an arthritis care provider, but when anti-inflammatories and rest no longer help with the pain, we can assess your options for a more effective solution, including surgery to repair, replace, or fuse the affected joint.

Our commitment to helping athletes recover from sports injuries is clear as soon as you walk in the door of one of our clinics.

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