Surgery is the only bunion treatment that can actually remove the bony deformity and realign your feet into a more normal shape. However, this does not mean that every bunion must be treated with surgery.

Many bunions respond well to conservative treatments, such as custom orthotics, bracing, taping, physical therapy, and even wearing wider shoes. Although these treatments will not “fix” your bunion or restore your original foot shape, they do have the potential to relieve your pain and slow the rate at which the bunion progresses. If you find that conservative treatments allow you to maintain your desired lifestyle without pain, surgery may not be necessary—at least not right away.

On the other hand, if your bunion is severe and pain is persistent despite your attempts to manage it conservatively, surgery may be the best choice. To learn more about your options and schedule an appointment, please contact the office of Northwest Extremity Specialists closest to your location.