If you have foot pain, just getting to the end of your workday can be a slog. Forget about running errands, cooking dinner, playing with the kids, or going out for an evening walk afterward!

Fortunately, there are many actions you can take to prevent or reduce foot pain on the job:

  • Wear footwear with solid arch support and cushioning.
  • Take regular breaks to either sit (if you stand at work all day) or walk (if you sit at a desk all day). Change positions and shift your weight.
  • Stretch your legs, rotate your ankles, and wiggle your toes regularly to keep the blood flowing.
  • Cover hard floors at your workstation with a cushioned rubber mat or rug.
If you still struggle with pain, stop in to see the Northwest Extremity Specialists. We can match you with a pair of custom orthotics to better support your feet while work, along with providing any other treatments you may require!