See a sports medicine doctorAs an athlete, you work hard to be successful. When an injury or chronic issue affects your ability to take part in your chosen sport, you need help from a specialist. At Northwest Extremity Specialists, our sports medicine doctors focus on relieving your pain and improving your mobility so you can continue to excel both on and off the field.

What Is a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Sports medicine doctors play a crucial role in helping athletes and active individuals recover from injuries, optimize their performance, and maintain their overall health and well-being. They have expertise in both the medical and musculoskeletal aspects of sports and physical activity. 

The term ‘sports medicine’ may bring to mind images of professional athletes with ice packs strapped to their knees or intensive physical therapy centers filled with bodybuilders, gymnasts, and marathon runners. While this represents one focus of the medical specialty, many people who are not elite athletes can benefit from sports medicine orthopedic treatment.

Any medical issue related to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons falls under the orthopedic care umbrella. Sports medicine doctors focus on these things specifically for active patients. Someone who goes on long hikes regularly or is a regular gym goer can have very similar issues to the pros mentioned above.

Who Should See This Type of Health Care Provider?

As mentioned above, this health care specialty is not only for athletes. However, they are the most common patient types. This includes professional, minor league, college, and high school athletes across all major sports like football, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, and more.

People who engage in regular physical activity in a structured manner with the intention to improve also make use of sports medicine doctors. For example, long-distance runners, weightlifters, and dancers can experience many of the same injuries or chronic issues as professional athletes. 

If your injury, pain, or other issue is caused by or intrinsically affects your athletic or fitness ability, our team of Portland sports medicine doctors can help.

Top Reasons to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports medicine orthopedists have the skills, knowledge, and experience to approach your specific needs more fully and get a better outcome in the end.

  • Acute or sudden injury due to trauma
  • Chronic injury from repetitive motion
  • Limits or reduction in your athletic performance

Acute Injuries

If you break a bone, sustain a fracture, or tear a ligament, head to the emergency room first. After your immediate needs have been addressed, a sports medicine orthopedist offers the best options for returning to regular activity as quickly and safely as possible. We can diagnose the specific issue and offer a personalized treatment and recovery plan.

Chronic Injuries

Athletes and other active people put a lot of stress on their bodies over time. This can lead to chronic issues with stress, swelling, and pain. The adage ‘no pain, no gain’ does not have to be true if you get proper help from a sports medicine expert. We can help alleviate issues while correcting any behaviors that may lead to them in the first place.

Athletic Performance

You do not need to have a diagnosed medical condition to benefit from a sports medicine doctor. Performance enhancement through new fitness or training protocols, customized regimen approaches, and physiotherapy can help take you to the next level of athletic achievement.

Sports Medicine Treatments Offered at Northwest Extremity Specialists

What kind of help can you get from the top Portland sports medicine doctors at Northwest Extremity Specialists? Some of the most common treatments we offer include: